Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Poem of the Day: 'Anthem of the heart' by Rus Khomutoff

Anthem of the heart 
dedicated to D. Harlan Wilson

Exorcise the neoslave mediatrix of dead time
church of clarity cold breath
explicit audience zero
pyramidhood ensnared by this plenum space
paragon cause of essential neosacrifice
the paradox to be discerned is the poison of course
sincere wine deathtainment
the intrinsic dire mad glory dopamine agonist demolition hex
initiation in the aeon of the child
cutting mouth domino wanderlust indigence
a universe cast from the sharpnel haunts of facts
the heart and soul of an impasse

Rus Khomutoff is an experimental language poet in Brooklyn,NY. His poetry has appeared in Proprose Magazine, EgophobiaPoetheadRasputin and Hypnopomp. This year, he published his debut, Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press). He is on Twitter @rusdaboss.

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