Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Commentary: Fathers Don't Let Their Daughters Become "Cannabis Feminists"

The long version is here if you care to read it, but the short version is 8 long years ago I put together my series on "Crusaderism."  And in this series I highlighted a young 17 year old girl by the name of Jessica Assaf who at the time decided she was going to take on "Big Cosmetics" and launched a teenage crusade in California to ban various chemicals from make-up.  For the purposes of that video I noted she came from a privileged background, got bit by the fame bug for her political crusadering, and though intelligent and capable of many things, would likely not be able to resist the temptation of fame combined with the dopamine fix she'd get from "crusadering."  Thus I predicted she would be condemned to the life of a crusader, the modern day term of which is "social justice warrior."

Fast forward 8 years and tune into this episode of The Cynical Libertarian (around the 33 minute mark) and I could not be more painfully correct.

After forgetting her name and having to look her up again (to draw parallels between David Hogg and herself), I accidentally happened upon her latest productionless project - Cannabis Feminist.

I couldn't even bother looking at the site because not only was is so laughable and cringe-worthy, it was all easily predictable 8 years ago.  If you come from wealth and you get bit by the political crusader bug, not only is the fame too addicting, but so is the prospects of never having to work a real job or abide by the real world.  This has spawned an entire generation and industry of (disproportionately) millennials who think going on crusades or advancing political causes is an actual career of which Ms. Assaf is merely one of many poster children.  Sandra Fluke with her demanding I pay for her birth control even though I'm not fucking her.  David Hogg, more recently, who is stepping on the corpses of his slain peer-students to jam that needle of fame into his veins.  To the legions of Slate, Salon, and XOJane "writers" who all magically live in expensive Manhattan abodes, all of them are pursuing fame, egotism, and an addiction...none of them are contributing one red cent to GDP or society.

In the real world these people would die on the vine because nobody would pay them for their unwanted sermoning and lecturing.  People simply don't want spoiled-rotten children from the suburbs telling them what to do.  But since they come from wealth either in the familial form (of Daddy Warbucks), the hubby form (where nearly all Manhattan based Slate writers get their money), or the government form (where untold dollars in grants go to made-up liberal arts studies and professors), these valueless people continue on their crusades, not for anything as moral as helping the poor, helping minorities, closing the wage gap, or even legalizing pot, but simply to avoid what they fear most in life - the work, labor and toil that comes with being a self-supporting, independent adult in the real world.

But while you may envy these people and their cushy, genuinely privileged lifestyles.  Don't.  For what prompted this article was when I listened to The Cynical Libertarian read an article from the Cannabis Feminist.

And it is the saddest thing I've ever read.

I'll let you read it at your leisure, but this is what's in store for America's spoiled, typically-leftist, crusaderist adult children who pursue crusade after crusade, ne'er dipping a toe into the real world or expending one calorie of energy on real, valuable work.  In being shielded from the true costs and consequences of the real world, these people grow up stunted and authentically retarded to the point they think "empowering women with initiatives to become leaders in the cannabis industry" is actually a thing, let alone a career.  Worse, if you look at the subtext to the picture in the...cough...*article* you see just how skewed her life priorities are as her favorite things in life are "The Scratch and Sniff Book of Weed, Medicine Box tinctures, Magu Beauty oils, CW Hemp oil, and Mondo" not "my husband, my children, my cycling group" or any other people for that matter.  The political crusade consumes them, becoming all they have in life, and denying them real relationships with real people in the real world.

I could go on, but I don't have to.  This is a full grown adult woman who is now 26 years of age.  Even with a HARVARD BUSINESS DEGREE (proving she easily has the ability to do something productive) her greatest accomplishment in life is a Potemkin Village web site that doesn't even rank on Alexa and will sadly have a record traffic day due to this post.  I've ripped on rich parents before, or parents who simply spoil their children as this is not a life that you want your daughter (or any child of yours) to live.  And though I'm increasingly convinced it's impossible for rich parents to raise decent children, I vainly implore any of you rich or merely well-off parents out there to do your children a favor and make them learn the virtues and values of real work, real production, and the real world.  And maybe, just maybe, we'll turn you daughters from "Cannabis Feminists" into engineers, doctors, pilots and actual productive members of society.
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Editor's note: This article was originally published at Captain Capitalism and has been rerun with permission.

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