Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Review: 'Where Shadows Meet: An Espionage Action Thriller' by Nathan Ronen

Where Shadows Meet by Nathan Ronen
'A tapestry of intrigue, wit, drama and dare'

Israeli author Nathan Ronen has been a Department head in the defense community of Israel. He is currently teaching marketing and industrial management in Ort College and CEO of "Syn-task", a subsidiary of Genesis, an international consulting firm for strategic planning and organizational behavior Nathan is a dedicated volunteer in the community: the chairperson of the IDF veteran society, a mentor in the SOS-Mental telephone help society of Israel, and an active national traffic police NGO.

Nathan offers his second espionage action thriller – his first being TO KILL A SHADOW – and he maintains that same degree of intensity in an even more polished format. We met the chief character in that first novel – ‘Life had been fortunate for Arik Bar Nathan. From a poor apartment in downtown Haifa, he had risen to become head of Operations Division of Israel's intelligent services, ‘the Mossad’. He is a daring and successful man that has led missions all around the world and fulfilled every goal and desire.’ And in creating Arik the author states, ‘I have always been interested in the impossible position in which leaders find themselves; how they weigh their political survival and remain faithful to the secret service - working day and night to protect the country of Israel, often behind masks, in the shadows. This tension explodes on many levels: personal, family, and within the organization.’

Now the further adventures continue and are well outlined in the plot synopsis – ‘It’s up to him to stop the assassination of the King of Morocco and stop chaos in the Middle East. Arik Bar Nathan is head of the Israeli National Security Council. He has a direct contact with the Prime Minister. Due to the sudden death of the Prime Minister, Arik’s entire life is about to change. The new Prime Minister seeks a better public opinion of him and demands that Arik serve this need to build a political image as Mr. Security, revealing secrets and showing off the success of military operations. Arik, an honest professional is not willing to take part in any of these fraudulent activities. The PM decides to end Arik’s duty and dismisses him, as well as the head of Mossad, from their positions. The new head of the Mossad is a cunning character whose ties to the new Prime Minister are anything but professional. It doesn’t take long for the new head of the Mossad to ask Arik for assistance. The Israeli Intelligence Agency has received information about Al-Qaeda operatives planning to assassin the King of Morocco during the Inauguration event of the big mosque in Casablanca. Arik is the only one person who can put an end to this plot and is asked to use his abilities and contacts, to assist in this underground mission In Morocco, and save the King together with the French DGSE secret service. If the King of Morocco is assassinated, there will be chaos in the Middle East and thousands of lives will be lost. Arik and his commando team must get to him first!’

With only two books to date Nathan Ronen has already established his place in the realm of fine espionage thriller authors. Recommended. 

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