Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Book Review: 'Urban Marriage 3: Intimacy Restored, Lesbian Newlyweds' by Tulipe Pascere

Urban Marriage 3 by Tulipe Pascere

‘Miracles. Yes, I think it’s a miracle how God brought Della in Katie’s life.’

Tulipe Pascere is the moniker for a mother-daughter writing team, women of faith, not afraid to share and explore matters of intimacy. Open and Affirming, they support church ONA guidelines for the LGBT community and write positive portrayals of lesbian women of faith who are active in their local church.

This book may be short but keep in mind that it is one volume of a multi-volume series on Urban Marriage – Volume 1 is the Menopause Journal, Volume 2 is Sex Therapy with a Surrogate Partner, and Volume 3 is Intimacy Restored, Lesbian Newlyweds. and the other volumes have yet to be completely published. In the Preface the authors share forces of this volume – ‘In Urban Marriage 2, Leah began therapy at Intimacy Restored Associates where she became comfortable working with a sex therapist. At 50, she found herself thinking way too much about sex. Why now? Wasn’t menopause her final excuse to close the book on marital sex? Years ago she had trained her man to stop asking for it…so she hesitated to reopen Pandora’s Box. Leah’s therapist works in tandem with surrogate partner Michelle who makes talking and demonstrating intimacy seem as natural as working in the kitchen. How?? Sing props, including life-size male and female dolls with very realistic anatomy. Yes, the sex surrogate practice was evolving to where a therapist could include a surrogate partner, one who demonstrated how to restore intimacy in a relationship. Leah continues her menopausal journey with six sessions of Intermediate Therapy.’ 

Enter Katie and Della and the introductory sessions to help Katie become more familiar with intimacy in a lesbian relationship. And from there we are privy to the dated appointments for therapy that prove most instructional and make a solid book about intimacy. It is refreshing to read a book that embraces all manner of intimacy with all gender couplings. There will eventually be 12 volumes in this set – each volume studies various aspects of Urban Marriage. 

This is a fine resource for youngsters (and inexperienced adults) to learn about relationships. 

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