Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Book Review: 'The Ultimate Island: Malta, A Traveler's Guide' by Amit Offir

The Ultimate Island by Amit Offir
‘Game of Thrones also filmed in the walled city of Mdina, which doubled as King’s Landing.’

Israeli author Amit Offir earned his reputation for his book related to travel by traveling extensively and writing books, illustrations, and being a much sought after speaker on his favorite pastime. His passion for traveling motivates him, year after year, to travel to the most exotic places in the world, so he can personally experience the special attractions offered to travelers. In addition to this prime example of MALTA THE ULTIMATE ISLAND Amit has books on Mozambique, Israel, South Africa, as well as books on travel and money (passive income, financial freedom, and enjoying life) and other inspirational books. He invented and developed the Domino Reaction Method for Time Management, the Spiral Method for personal and business growth, different sale tactics and many other processes that he teaches through his books. Amit’s vision is to help as many people as possible realize their dreams.

Amit opens his richly colorful book saying ‘Malta seems to be a perfect destination in every way. I like to pack for sunny destinations and for vacations where the element of going to beaches takes up a large part of the time spent there. I packed a light suitcase in addition to a small backpack, scuba diving mask, GoPro, a professional camera, running clothes, a swimsuit and some evening clothes as well as a good book for inspiration. This time I decided to take the book “How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?” by Robert Shemin that focuses on the real estate business. I arrived at Malta directly from Serbia using Air Malta, the flag carrier airline of Malta. The short flight (an hour and a half) passed by quickly, while I had a lively conversation with a famous Israeli director and film producer named Gil Lupo. It was his second visit to Malta, and he told me about the places he loved most on the island, and the countless movies and TV series that were filmed in Malta. The pilot announced that we were beginning our descent into Malta. From the window, I could see the reefs and the hypnotic blue colors of the clear Mediterranean waters.‘

And with that tempting introduction he accompanies us on a visit to an island with a rich history and stunning landscape and beaches. He shares with us the foods, the culture, the history, the nightlife – all accompanied by beautiful color photographs that bring the island to life. In a seven-day tour he informs us about everything unique about Malta and his enthusiasm and method of sharing will likely be a driving fore for readers to book the next flight. Highly recommended. 

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