Sunday, January 20, 2019

Book Review: 'Shrouded in Secrets' by Kim McMahill


CIA agent Cash Luker leads an international team of agents and scientists in a desperate attempt to stop a terrorist group from getting their hands on a collection of crystals which have the power to destroy the world. Shrouded in Secrets is an action-packed highly suspenseful novel which is nearly impossible to put down.
I think what impressed me most about the novel, however, was not the thrilling story, although that is certainly there. The plot takes place in the Bahamas, Arizona, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. Each of these locations is described in rich detail, drawing the reader right into the mangroves or the Arizona desert. The story is told from multiple perspectives so the author has to be able to transport the reader easily and quickly between some very diverse locations, and overall, these jumps are handle well.
In addition, the entire plot line revolves around ancient history, particularly ancient Mayan knowledge and again Kim McMahill proves that she has done extensive research which she shares in depth with her readers so that this novel becomes much more than just another adventure story. I learned a lot as I was reading this story and I always think that is a plus in any novel.
The characters are also very engaging and well-defined. The interactions between the various agents under Cash’s command ring true. Cash’s past history has left him badly wounded emotionally, and some of that past history returns to haunt him, adding a layer of humanity and depth to his character. The same is true for the other members of his team which results in having characters the reader can really get to know and care about.
Lovers of action suspense mysteries are sure to enjoy Shrouded in Secrets. The pages seem to turn themselves.

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