Monday, January 7, 2019

Book Review: 'Peak Performance!!: Awaken and Achieve' by Alan Sullivan

Peak Performance!! by Alan Sullivan
‘Life is an experiment, so a certain amount of trial and error is inevitable.’

British author Alan Sullivan gained multiple degrees/certifications (including psychology and peak performance) and enjoyed a career as a civil engineer, a management consultant working with consulting companies in institutional development and capacity building, mainly in the transportation infrastructure sector. He has both written, and edited, numerous reports for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission among others. Alan's is an expert in Peak Performance and personal transformation, and keeps up to date with the latest research in personal development, performance, neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, spirituality and well-being. He is Editor for and author of selected articles provided to the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, (BritCham), on behalf of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Jakarta Local Association

In Alan’s accessible and inspiring book he teaches us how to become the best being we can be through strands brought together from neuroscience, positive psychology, spirituality, personal development and strategic planning. His technique of presentation is both visual and thoughtful and can be best summarized as he states, ‘Some characteristics of a “new you” could include: Being in touch with true self and living from your heart-space, Being surrendered, (unfazed), still, present in the here and now, Knowing that you’re the awareness, the perceiver, the experiencer, Knowing that you’re not the object, the perceived or the experience, Knowing that you are existence (life) not ego, Living one day at a time in alignment with longer term purpose, Feeling safe, still and serene, Freedom from cravings, aversions and delusions (CAD), Freedom from judgment, attachment and resistance (JAR1), Freedom from jealousy, anger and resentment (JAR2,) Freedom from unnecessary conflict and drama, Observing nature … and the nature of life, Feeling the stillness, love and joy arising from complete acceptance, Allowing life to be fresh, new, creative and spontaneous, Spontaneous love, joy, gratitude and inspired action In place of “surrendered” you could use the term “unfazed” – nothing has the power to bother you – that’s how strong, confident, imperturbable and resilient you are … in essence, you’re indestructible.’

Though there are many self-help books on improving ourselves and finding the life we desire and the happiness that accompanies that drive, few are as successful as Alan in making the journey so feasible. Recommended reading and incorporating! 

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