Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Book Review: 'Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate' by Reed Goossens

Investing in the US by Reed Goossens
“Change your story, change your life.” Tony Robbins

Australian born Reed Goossens’ biographical data is impressive – ‘I am Qualified chartered structural and civil engineer; worked on the 2012 Olympic Games in London, UK, Spent a year in the south of France working as a deck-hand for the world’s wealthiest businessmen on their super yachts, Sailed across the Atlantic from Monaco to Antigua (Caribbean)—most incredible experience of my life! I met my wife on the beaches in Spain whilst back packing around Europe in 2009, Host of the Investing in the US podcast—the No. 1 podcast of investors looking to break into the US market, I have travelled to over 30 countries, including trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, Hugely passionate amount rugby union. Favorite team: The Wallabies (when they win), Australia’s national team, Author of the book—The 4P Rule: The Art & Science of Raising Capital Like a Pro, Been involved in the acquisition of over $150 mill worth of real estate since moving to the US back in 2012, and personally controls over $100 mill of multifamily real estate.’ He now writes, speaks and teaches about U.S. investment.

Reed’s conversational manner of communication in this very accessible book instills that ‘I think I can’ attitude of the Little Train That Could book. After a long history of his journey to where he now stands as a man of wealth and knowledge he breaks down his experience (and promise) as follows: ‘It’s important to note that REI (Real Estate Investment) income is earned passively, meaning that it’s generated without your having to expend physical effort earning it. You can devote your free time to other endeavors and the income from REI will follow. Depending on where you are in your REI career, the passive income may not be enough to support you 100%. But, if you keep at it and are successful, it can bring you complete financial freedom. THE “BIG FOUR” - CASH FLOW, AMORTIZATION, APPRECIATION and TAX BENEFITS. “If you’re financially struggling to breathe, I strongly encourage you to pursue REI.”

Reed divides his book into the following sections – Why invest in US Real Estate, Understanding US Investing Lingo, Getting set up to invest, Finding the right US market to invest in, Developing you’re a-Team, Reviewing the herd, US financing options, Syndication Basics, The closing process, Rinse and Repeat, adding appendices at books end to answer all possible unanswered questions!

The book contains a hefty amount of information, but the manner in which Reed shares it speaks clearly about why he has been so successful. Clear, concise, accessible, warm and reliable, this is a book more people NEED to read.

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