Monday, January 28, 2019

Book Review: 'The Exigent Earth: Recently Placed on the Endangered Species List: Humans' by Beverly Knauer and Murray Rosenthal

The Exigent Earth by Murray Rosenthal

‘Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil’

California co-author Beverly Knauer earned her bachelor's degree in occupational therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison then moved to San Diego, California, where she served in the role of Chief of Rehabilitation Services for the County of San Diego, working with other occupational and physical therapists who provide therapy to children with special needs. She continued her education with a master's degree from San Diego State University. ‘I've always loved exploring esoteric wisdom and chose to become a writer to communicate transformative life experiences in the form of visionary fiction. California co-author Murray Rosenthal is a world-renowned, board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and lecturer. Even after a thirty-year career as a psychiatrist he’s managing a farm in Fiji and mentoring young entrepreneurs in the medical arena. He thrives on adventure and travelling and through his travels he has seen firsthand the profound changes our planet is experiencing, and he feels an urgency to rectify the situation. He has been a lifelong science nerd, especially in regard to up-and coming technologies.

The learned authors include some fine thoughts from famous people during this adventure about where earth is headed, quips such as ‘The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.’ – Nikola Tesla. ‘Why should the Earth be the only planet supporting human life? It is not singular in any other respect.’ - Albert Einstein

It is the inclusion of scientific data and philosophic excursions that make this absorbing novel of the possibilities of the future of our planet more grounded than most paranormal cum sci-fi books. It is that fine admixture of fantasy and reality that we are all witnessing at the moment – wondering if the EPA will persist and whether government can include survival issues among the diatribes of attacking and manipulating social media

The authors’ summary of the novel follows: ‘Volcanoes are erupting. Wildfires are scourging entire towns. Earthquakes are toppling cities while tsunamis drown the land and its people. With a series of terrifying disasters, Earth seems to be on a crash course to destruction. But why? What's causing it? Will civilization survive? Zac Sparkman, the progeny of two genius scientist parents, discovers he has a mysterious power that he struggles to keep hidden. Growing up in an unusual family with a shaman priestess and an unconventional uncle, Zac learns how science and esoteric wisdom combine into a world of knowledge completely new to him. Over the years, Zac realizes his father had made a discovery that could change the world, and he endeavors to learn the secrets of his father's hidden lab, his mind-blowing experiment, and his covert journal that the U.S. government would do anything to get its hands on. Is Zac the source of Earth's problems, or is he only the messenger? THE EXIGENT EARTH is a soft science fiction/fantasy story for anyone who lives in this universe and is open to hearing its message. One boy with an amazing gift. A government that's desperate for his secrets. A world in dire straits. A haunting message to solve. Will humankind heed the warnings? Will you?’ 

Pepper this intriguing tale with statements such as ‘Just because you haven’t found an explanation for something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen’, and ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, young man, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ And ‘‘When something is ‘in the light,’ there can be no fear, no darkness. We have the power to help heal the Earth to lessen the difficult changes it’s going through. You’re here to help guide people by shining your light. Your role is to help heal the planet and to awaken and motivate human beings who are living in the dark to keep them from self-destruction. You can help others to see their light.”

THE EXIGENT EARTH stands among the more important psychodramas of late – the story is beautifully crafted, the characters and situations are mesmerizing, and the kick-in-the-gut message is one the reader will not forget. 

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