Monday, December 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Druid Origins' by R.L. Berger

Druid Origins by [Berger, R.L.]

Creation may have had simple, humble beginnings but it continues to grow and evolve.

North Dakota author Ray Berger has had careers in the military and in law enforcement. The fact that he is now disabled and retired allows him time to write – time to explore spiritual aspects and be a student of life. DRUID ORIGINS is the first installment in his planned Trilogy about spiritual understanding

The unusual and very interesting blend of approaches to the mind and soul interaction is well stated in the Prologue – ‘Regardless of what you may have read or heard about druids, the truth is quite different. We did not originate on Earth. Our heritage began long ago on a distant planet among very different stars. Druids do not use crude conjures like witchcraft, sorcery or magic. There are energies much more powerful and dangerous all around us than mortal beings are aware of. The forces of creation and chaos exist together in every molecule of this reality. In their natural order, such forces remain somewhat balanced. Their effects are accepted as simple and unavoidable fate and a part of life that we all must accept. If, however, some form of intelligence acts to bring about chaos, druids must try to defend this realm of creation. This has always been our purpose for being and our highest mission. The Elementals fear a confrontation with dark energy beings may happen soon. We must find more powerful sources of spiritual energy to counter such an attack or risk the end of life as we know it. I was selected to contact beings of sufficient intelligence to understand our current crisis. Advents of advanced intelligence and technology has meant inviting them to join a galactic consortium of worlds. The Elementals encourage peaceful relations and open their doors to beings from many worlds to join us. It is time for us to explore more worlds for strong spiritual presences. The next world of intelligent beings I have encountered is on a planet called Earth. I have been here for several days observing them discreetly. These confusing beings are a strange blend of disparate beliefs and oppositional cultures. I have no wish to cause fear, panic or confusion among them. I trust my spirit’s judgment to select an individual to meet the needs of the Elementals. I hope that I am able to find a being of sufficient spiritual strength to help us confront the threat and ensure the continuation of creation in the physical realm. I have decided to make contact with a being that lives a solitary existence some distance from their gathering places. This being has a calm if somewhat caustic demeanor and seems to be aware of the simple beauty of life. Such an existence is more familiar to me than the lives of those who pursue frantic endeavors amid the confusion and mayhem that exists almost everywhere on their world. Perhaps this being will be able to answer some of my questions about this curious collection of beings. I am not skilled at social interaction with mortals but the only way to learn is to try.

In this immensely entertaining book Berger introduces characters (illustrated) who play out the discovery of the origin of druids, keeping the tone both one of fantasy and reality and accompanied by humor. Yes, it is spiritually directed but with such warmth and fun that reading the book is a joy. Recommended. Grady Harp December 18.

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