Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Review: 'Dolphins Don't Run Marathons: 26.2 loving thoughts on why you should not run a marathon' by Sam Brand

Dolphins Don't Run Marathons by Sam Brand

‘The New York Marathon is reknowned as the most prestigious marathon in the world.’

Author Sam Brand is/was a marathon runner: he completed two marathons in New York City and now offers his perspective and advice about physical activity and a satisfying social sporting life. At age 55 Sam is a businessman who has been running for years and found himself captured in the marathon world. His book is about his philosophy behind sports and happiness. 

Sam’s warmly humorous approach in creating this very easy to read and digest book about running makes every reader rethink many aspects of happiness – including sports or physical activity. Spacing his pages with sparse lines enhances his message. Example ‘The human dolphin is an active, athletic type of person who manages to achieve balance between doing all sorts of sports. And, yes, sex is also included. Lots of sex. The human dolphin enjoys life for what it is. Human dolphins are cute and happy and have good relationship values. They are wise, have a good social network, and they know what they are doing. They will find ways to incorporate their activities into their lives – not the other way around. The human dolphins are imaginative, creative and always willing to try al sorts of sports. The ultimate goal of the human dolphin is happiness and well-being and the way to achieve this is through being a well-balanced person. The human dolphin enjoys swimming, yoga, bicycling, golf, sup (Stand Up Paddle surfing), kayaking and many other sports.’

In this manner Sam takes us through the pluses and minuses of marathon running and in doing so he teaches with a quick wit and with a healthy insight on being happy and healthy – and not depending on the ‘goal’ of being a marathon participant. ‘Human ant runners cannot see people walking in the race. But human dolphins and chimps can walk from time to time. These short races are good enough as they make you feel in shape, happy, and, more important, socially happy. Short social, mental, happy runs. Social runs. Short is better for longer living.’ 

Have fun reading this healthy happy book. You’ll just feel better.

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