Thursday, January 24, 2019

Book Review: 'The Dating Tutor' by Melissa Frost


I liked the premise of friends turning into a couple and “tutor me to seduce that guy/girl only to fall in love with the tutor” stories and that was what drove me to Melissa Frost‘s The Dating Tutor. I cannot say that this was the best story in this category that I ever read, but all in all I liked it.
Both Alec and Ellie were not aware that they liked each other as more than friends until Ellie asks Alec to help her out with some dating tutoring. At first I did not particularly like the way Alec advises Ellie, and I didn’t like her meek responses and complete insecurity. Luckily that changed during the course of the story and in the end Ellie turns out to be a stronger and more confident girl who gained both respect and love from Alec.
From the summary of the story it was quite obvious that Alec and Ellie would end up together; it was just a question of which path they would take to the realization and declaration of love. I liked the path they took, because that way both Alec and Ellie learned something about themselves and they changed. Their romance is sweet and although I knew they would end up together I was happy when they did. Another good feature of the story is that author did not choose some overcomplicated love triangle with too much drama in it.
Unfortunately there is one thing in this story that bothered me as a mother of girls, and it was this: Alec and Ellie are neighbors and that is how they became best friends. Alec has this habit of sneaking into Ellie’s room through the window. The thing I cannot believe is that none of their parents knew about that or if somebody knew (especially Ellie’s mother) that it did not bother them. It seems to me that the author came up with this whole sneaking in and out of window just for the sake of the story without fully considering the situation. This bit of implausibility, while noticeable, did not keep me from enjoying the rest of their story.
The Dating Tutor was a fun story to read. I liked how the characters developed. I also enjoyed how they fell in love and how they resolved their problems to find their HEA. I noticed that Melissa Frost wrote a sequel to The Dating Tutor, this time from Alec’s POV, and I would like to read it as well. This short story was good and I can recommend it to readers who are looking for sweet romance for young adults.

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