Monday, January 14, 2019

Book Review: 'The Corpo Survival Kit' by Fia Foss

The Corpo Survival Kit by Fia Foss
‘Once you realize how corporations work, be like a hunter - always ahead of your victim.’

Author Fia Foss is a pragmatist and writes about sensible issues - PREGNANCY IN GERMANY and now THE CORPO SURVIVAL KIT. We (of a certain age range) laugh while being embarrassed at time about our lock of tech knowledge and the plethora of acronyms and the plague of social media replacing news reporting. This little book is a giant aid for those of us who need re-entry into the ’educated’ realm of the new world around us!

As Fia states in the synopsis, ‘Are you a corporate (“corpo“) dinosaur, hyena or maybe a suricate? Have you thought about it already? Do you know what is the best survival strategy for hyenas and other corporate personality types? This book is a perfect survival kit for people joining or working already for corporations. Written in a half-joking way this book will give you a lot of helpful tips on how to make you succeed faster and avoid mistakes on the way. Remember each mistake places your success farer away from you. Be smart and get to the finish line faster!’ 

In a whimsical easy-going style Fia describes how to not only cope with the corporate attitude and mindset, but also how to survive it. After discussing the most common corpo personalities she offers suggestions on how to analyze friends within the corpo world, up and down job movement and how to alter each step, business lunches, corporate language promotions and on and on. AND she includes tests at book’s end to help with self-evaluation!

This is a fun and enlightening book – Fia knows the arena!

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