Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Review: 'Conquering your Stress and Fears: A treatment guide for anxiety and trauma-related disorders' by Gustavo Kinrys, MD

Conquering your Stress and Fears by Gustavo Kinrys MD
‘Virtual Reality has moved beyond the gaming or immersive 3D theater experience’

Massachusetts author Gustavo Kinrys, M.D. earned his training at Mayo Clinic and the Massachusetts General Hospital and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School where he shares his interest in treatment-resistant depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, development of novel pharmacologic agents and diagnostic tools for mood and anxiety disorders, cross-cultural and minority issues in clinical trials, and applications of natural remedies and new technologies alone and combined with conventional pharmacologic therapies for treatment-refractory patients. He has authored many articles in his field and has published two books – CONQUERING YOUR STRESS AND FEARS and NATURAL RELIEF FOR ANXIETY AND STRESS. 

In this accessible volume Dr Kinrys opens with his typical honest and straight forward approach to a subject that affects us all – ‘This book is a practical guide that focuses on managing complex psychological conditions such as fear, stress and anxiety for which conventional prescription medications may have failed to help or is undesirable since they cannot be utilized by everyone. In addition prescriptions medications have a wide range of unpleasant side effect, and on occasion carry the risk of being addictive. You will find a practical, easy to follow approach in these pages to mitigate psychological conditions using nutrition-based remedies, herbal-based remedies, and non-pharmacological treatments. Proper and consistent information is provided on the effective use of nutrition and herbal-based remedies to facilitate a quick and complete recovery form anxiety, stress and fear. Detailed sections are included on the most effective remedies; their origin, benefits, dosage, and in some cases, side effects. In the case of non-pharmacological treatments, adequate information is provided on prominent complementary therapies and productive lifestyle changes such as Meditation, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Virtual Reality treatment, Mindfulness, Exercise and other physical activities. All this information is compiled in this book and presented in a self-help approach to make the information easy to access and adequately utilized.’

Suggestive of the fine professor Dr. Kinrys is this Preface beautifully describes what the reader will find. His sections are Anxiety/Stress/Fear (very well defined as to etiology, signs, symptoms, causes), Nutrient based remedies, Herbal based remedies, Non-pharmacological treatments – each introducing concepts not available in other resources and explained in a very practical manner.

This will soon be the go-to book on treating and healing stress and fear. Highly recommended.

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