Saturday, January 26, 2019

Book Review: 'Ancient Canaanites: The Civilization of Canaan Before the Israelites' by History Titans

Ancient Canaanites by History Titans
‘For centuries not even scientists knew of what happened of this ancient race.’

At History Titans, ‘our aim is to provide high quality short read history books with a more straight to the point focus with great content that can be both educational and entertaining to read!’ This very brief (53 pages) book is just the sort of diversion into history that fills those little moments of idle time – on airplanes, on the subway, before bedtime, or just waiting – with entertainment and education. The ‘authors’ are growing in stature as The History Titans whose goal it is to supplement our knowledge of our past. 

The book opens with an introduction of intent and content – ‘Canaan is the name of the large and wealthy country in the Levant region. The name Canaan exists in most of the ancient texts, and there is no scholarly agreement on where the name comes from or what it means. In the Bible, this land was named after the grandson of Noah. Many theories describe that Canaan originated from Hurrian language where the Greeks refer to the ancient Canaanites as Phoenicians. The Phoenicians worked in purple dye and thus were also called by the Greeks ‘purple people.’ The theory has also been extended that the name originates from the Hebrew root-verb kana. This describes the order from chaos or synchronous existence. The earliest settlement in Canaan was around the city of Jericho in the Paleolithic Age. This settlement started as a rural setting that later expanded to become a city. And so, it became the oldest urban center in the region. Other cities rose during the Early Bronze Age, but these cities were abandoned. One reason why they left is that of over population. Further more, cities started to arise during the middle Bronze Age that saw the development of trade with other types of civilization.’ 

The flavor of their writing is accessible and interestingly factual – ‘Hundreds of years before the Israelites came to occupy the land of Canaan, they has their ancestors from Mesopotamia…’ And so the door to an only vaguely understood civilization becomes a well organized, factual, researched, and well written history book. This is the manner in which our textbook knowledge of history is enlightened by History Titans. It makes a solid entry into how we view our past and our heritage. 

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