Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book Review: 'The After House' by Michael Phillip Cash


When I picked this book to review it was tagged horror. While it does have some ghosts and paranormal elements, if you’re a Stephen King sort of horror fan then I don’t think this is for you. However, if you enjoy a book with mystery, a grumpy ghost, the story of a woman finding her second chance at love, then rush to buy this one.
The story begins back in the height of the whaling industry and off the coast of Puerto Rico. We meet for the first time Captain Eli Caspar. This chapter reminded me a lot of Moby Dick and pulled me into the story so by the time it switched to modern day I was hooked.
I liked Remy, the main character who moves into Eli’s old house. She’s a wounded soul who you cheer on from the beginning. When bad things start happening to her you read on wanting to know who’s hurting her and if it will be Eli or the new man in her life, Hugh who comes to the rescue.
Eli himself is a wonderful character and you feel yourself cheering him on too in his quest to find his wife and children.
The author does a great job weaving in historical details of the whaling industry and the local culture of this New York seaport. The secondary characters are all great too. It’s a quick read and I think you’ll find yourself smiling at some of the humor and then feeling very content at how Mr. Cash tied everything together at the end of the book.
I’d be more inclined to call this one a paranormal romance than horror and if that’s your sort of book, I highly recommend this entertaining read.

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