Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Poem of the Day: 'Zenith temptation' by Rus Khomutoff

Annex the corporeal night
strangelove auxiliary
holy antrum laminating the postmedial push
in an endless series of rituals
that ward off rather than
dive into the monster versal
hollow earth, abyss & apex, virgin keen
the sprawl of new immaterialities, interruptions
ruin, allegory, melancholy
anonymous calling
nonsensuous reality rendering everything
as an instrument toward the end of a spectacle
deep breath asylum whim surge
this zenith temptation

Rus Khomutoff is an experimental language poet in Brooklyn,NY. His poetry has appeared in Proprose Magazine, EgophobiaPoetheadRasputin and Hypnopomp. This year, he published his debut, Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press). He is on Twitter @rusdaboss.

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