Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Western Historical' by Anita Philmar

Texas author Anita Philmar has published over twenty books collected by countless readers who admire her ability to create variations on the Western theme with an emphasis on her native Texas. Her plots vary but she always keeps her promise to her readers to make each book steamy with hot erotica.

This book Anita includes in her ‘Historical Western Series’– the story takes place in the 1860s – but there is nothing ‘old-fashioned’ in the way she molds this romantic adventure. She uses today’s comfort with and demand for erotica to enhance her otherwise very atmospheric old Texan tale. Or as Anita describes it, ‘A hot, historical western stand-alone story with a satisfying HEA.’

But on to the story synopsis - With no ties to Texas, Dixy secures a ride to the next town on her way out of the state. The driver, Tobias Poe offers to let her rest. While she’s in the back, he is shot. Rushing to save him, she arrives in Naked Bluff, Texas. The town’s doctor, Nathaniel Murphy can’t save him, but he can save her? Penniless, alone, and now a murder suspect, Dixy has no alternative but to accept his help. Can this couple build a future together? Or will a killer silence her forever? ‘

Toss in some quick overture encounters and finish with a symphony of hot steamy erotica and you have a satisfying short read that is one stimulating story! Anita Philmar knows her Texas, her men (she grew up in a house full of men), and the technique of painting erotica – the ingredients that make this COUNTRY DOCTOR’S BRIDE a satisfying diversion. Grady Harp, September 16

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