Saturday, December 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Success-Talks' by RajaSaraswathii

The multitalented author RajaSaraswathii is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Management Consultant, an accomplished speaker, writer and trainer in the field of Happiness, Contentment & Success arena. Having graduated with a degree in Computer Sciences he has utilized his skills learned there, having served many multinational organizations, but has also retained his passion for literature, poetry, drama and theater. To date he has written two books: his initial book, I WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE: The Treasures of Space and Time, and now his second contribution, gleaned from his knowledge of leadership, success and relationships – SUCCESS TALKS: For Evolution of Your Success - further enhances his ability to communicate and teach those aspects that are displayed in his own life.

RajaSaraswathii’s book is a series of success talks, thirty six discussions – each addressing events and attitude adjustments that combine parameters of success as most people define them, but adding the importance of interrelationships with those with whom we work, live in a relationships, love, care for others, motivate, and balance. “How do you balance your life? Your work seems to be so heavy?” He said, “See, there is no big secret in this. I forget things very easily. I forget my family, as soon as I enter into office. I forget my office, as soon as I enter into the cab. I have been practicing this art of forgetting!! This is the secret of my balance!’ And it is this type of conversation with the reader that makes his book so encouraging and transforming.

Much of the success of this book is RajaSaraswathii’s honesty and sincerity, or as he states in closing, ‘Friends, more than anything in this world, the best contributor for motivation is your own strong determination. Success has to become the biggest need in your life; your want of success should suppress all the other needs of your life. This strong wanting is what you need to develop.’

Trust him, join him, and grow into the evolution of success. Grady Harp, February 17

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