Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Space Puzzles' by Ceri Clark

Welsh author/illustrator Ceri Clark has written many self-help books on how to deal with the Internet, - how-to guides aim to demystify Internet technologies and make them accessible to everyone. As a school librarian she understands children’s reading preferences, even writing ‘Children of the Elementi’ to increase the choice for boys (Elementi - A race of people who inhabit a world called Eleria which exists in another dimension.)

Every page of this delightful new book by Ceri poses a puzzle, a question or engages the redder in a game and as such it is a learning adventure as well as a fun little story children will enjoy, keeping up with older children and adult obsessions with science fiction and space odysseys.
The little story is well condensed by Ceri – ‘Minkie Monster has a problem. He’s been invited to a birthday party, but he can’t seem to remember whose. To top it all off, his best friend, Bob, is hiding – again. Now, Minkie has to go on the journey of his young lifetime to the planet Venus to find answers. Along the way, he’ll have to solve problems and follow the clues.’

Numbers become math problems/games, rhymes enter to keep the story light, space questions and investigations, word puzzles – it is all a fun experience to be shared between child and parent or older children. Ceri Clark has provided a fine new series of ideas to blend fun and learning with reading and adventure stories. Grady Harp, September 16

This book was sent gratis from the author for an unbiased review

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