Thursday, December 20, 2018

Book Review: 'The Smoke Hunter' by Jacquelyn Benson

Are you ready for a grand adventure that has the flavor of an Indiana Jones tale? This one will do it for you but it would have to be Indiana Jane. Eleanor Mallory is everything that a woman of London in 1898 would not be. She’s independent, unmarried, and intelligent. She loves to learn and to explore and she manages to run across a real mystery with ties to Central America.
This story is a very exciting read with lots of action and two treacherous men after her. The author dishes out surprises, maintains the suspense from beginning to end, and makes you not want to put the book down.
When she finds there is someone after her and the map and piece of mask she has, she runs to her friend’s home. There, the lady loans her clothes, money and her name and ships her out the next day. She goes to her room at the hotel and decides to bathe. As she sits in the tub, she discovers there’s snake in there with her and she screams. That’s how she meets Adam. He busts down her door and grabs her snake. Right then and there she knows she doesn’t like him. He’s not the least embarrassed and she sure is!
The bad guys trace her even with the false name and come after her. She ends up asking Adam for help but doesn’t tell him the truth. Just offers to share the discovery with him. That costs her in the long run.
The story is violent in places but it’s just like in the movies, you just keep reading along to see the rest of the story. There are tests to be overcome, they’re almost killed several times, and you can’t foresee the next challenge or the end of the story. This is a really good action/adventure story with a side of romance thrown in. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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