Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Return to Power' by David-Michael Harding

When an author has the ability to transfer intensive research into a subject planned for a novel and then transform that historic information into a thrilling and eloquently written work, it is a feat of passion for writing and for the topic about which the book is conceived. For those who have had the distinct pleasure of reading David-Michael Harding's recreation of WW II in HOW ANGELS DIE, then his recreation of American history from 1775 to 1821 and the manner in which America destroyed the Native Americans in order to take over the land being wrestled from British colonization will not come as surprise. Now he leaves history behind to place us in the very contemporary setting of today – computers, Internet, social media, hacking etc. But he never completely leaves history behind. He just resurrects it for his own ideas.

Some book series are individually stand alones, but David-Michael’s compelling tale should indeed be read in sequence – that is how powerful the story grows. A quick review of Book 1 - ‘Clayton Rand is the most talented computer forensic designer on the planet. He thinks. The Fortune 500 and the government line up for his protective firewalls. He’s on top of the world and untouchable until a local scandal ignites a passion for justice in him that has the potential to rage out of control. He’ll use his considerable technical skill to punish corrupt politicos and business leaders who weather their screaming headlines and come out unscathed. No longer. But soon computer manipulation isn’t enough. The New Illuminati relates a unique group of friends who pool their varied talents to right the injustices parlayed by the powerful. Digital attacks mushroom into physical assaults as a reluctant District Attorney, unsure whether to arrest the group or join them, teams with the FBI and the chase is on! Copycats spring up as the nation’s weariness of unchecked and unpunished corruption surfaces and spills blood on the corridors of power. While the guilty scramble from the line of fire, The New Illuminati wrestle with their newfound power.’

So, moving into Book 2, ‘The pursuit of The New Illuminati is feverish, but Clayton Rand's creation is outpacing the FBI and the local District Attorney. When the CIA start playing puppet master under the guise of the military, it could mean the jig is up. But Clayton has an ace up his sleeve he's yet to play. Confidence runs high on each side of the chase as the stakes get ratcheted up and corrupt newsmakers get taken down. A mistake rattles everyone and the wheels start to come off the both the investigation and the Illuminati. A reluctant District Attorney, unsure whether to arrest the group or join them, teams with the FBI and the chase is on! Copycats spring up as the nation's weariness of unpunished corruption surfaces and spills blood in the corridors of power. Lovers balance a run, both for cover and for each other, as the Illuminati monster assumes a life of its own and begins to turn on Clayton's Dr. Frankenstein, leaving no one safe and no place to hide.’

With a well crafter denouement and climax David-Michael steps out of past history into current history and weaves another tale of his particular brand of thrill. Grady Harp, October 16
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