Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review: 'The Reputable Rep' by Sig Schmalhofer

Sig Schmalhofer has a gift. No, Sig has many gifts – the art and timing of a great comedian, the ability to stand back and observe people in action and discover what works and what doesn’t, and a cadre of friends with quotable quotes that make his writing not only educational and valuable but also one for the most fun reads to come down the pike in a long time.

How can a book about being a sales rep accomplish all this? He takes his topic seriously (eve with all the laughs) and considers the role of a salesman/rep a real career. As the book’s promo states, ‘Sig Schmalhofer, with more than 40 years as a successful entrepreneur, has crafted the ultimate sales textbook that includes contributions from more than 30 industry executives. Filled with real-life advice from successful people, with real-life examples, the human element of this book is what sets it apart from other business books. The Reputable Rep is a must read book for those looking to work – or already working – in the sales industry, with its big-time earning potential.’

THE REPUTABLE REP: Success in Sales and Life accompanies us through various stages of becoming a successful rep – Sales Foundation, Sales Strategies, Sales by Segment, The Human Element, The Reputable Rep and The Sum of the Parts. Sound like a syllabus for a course in business? It is, but it is the down to earth manner of delivery that makes the book work so well.

There are so many tips and secrets and lessons and guiding points here that it would be difficult to find anyone in the business field that doesn’t find at least a pocketful of miracles within these pages. The many quotes from impressive sources are additive. For example, in the closing chapter Sig offers the following quote: ‘Fundamentals of a Reputable Rep… Scheduling regular meetings to discuss opportunities. Working together as a team towards common goals. Creating workable plans to buy, promote, and sell lines of products to the end-user. Promptly follow-up! Being punctual to appointments! Knowing the market and how to serve it. Training our people! Creating pull-through business. Understanding our business model. All wholesalers are not alike. Building a partnership and relationship based on honesty and trust. — Fred Laube, Director of Corporate Operations, Hirsch Pipe andSupply.’ Sort of sums it all up.

Informative and entertaining and immensely accessible, this is a tool we all need, whether in sales or in strolling through a happier, connected life. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, October 16
I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it.

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