Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Never Alone' by Kara Lumbley

Texas author Kara Lumbley graduated with her bachelors in accounting, math being a natural subject for her. Her passion is writing and now that she is settled with her family she is following that drive to write. Her first book was NUMBER FOUR and now she follows that with what appears to be Book 2 of a series she has labeled The Savannah Series – NEVER ALONE.

Kara writes mysteries illuminated with romance and spirituality, and not having read Book 1 of this series (and being informed that it takes off where NUMBER FOUR left off) it is catch up time with a review of that first book: Number Four is an intense murder mystery with southern flair. Savannah's lead detective Jordan travels down a road that would seem like "just a job" to most, but to her it is her entire life. With so many unknowns and so little time, can she and her partner catch the killer or killers before they catch her or someone else close to her? How many women will they get before they are able to find answers? Will they be prepared for the answers they find or will it bring up more questions about a past long forgotten?’
In successful mystery writing, setting the tone or establishing the mysterious aspects of a novel to be explored deserve top priority, and that is precisely what Kara offers in her terse chapter one - ‘I still watch her on many occasions. As head medical examiner in Savannah, Georgia, she is not all that hard to find. She is at most crime scenes in the city and occasionally on the news walking by, headed to and from crime scenes. She still has no idea I even exist or that she is the fascination that keeps me going. The note I left in her house was enough to frighten her, to keep her wondering, and to keep her restless. One day, she and I will come face to face again, but this time she won’t be getting away.’ Clue deposited so let the mystery provide the answers.

The synopsis for part two offers the essentials: ‘After narrowly escaping the same fate as the many victims recently on her autopsy table, head medical examiner Jena Greene, struggles to recover from the effects left over from the dark-eyed one. While Jena and Jordan decide to take a short but much needed get away, Detective Michael and junior detective Corie stumble across what appears like an open and shut case. Instead, it leads them further into the darkness than they ever thought possible. And once you are in the dark, are you ever truly alone?’

Kara keeps us grounded in the characters she has introduced as well as the ones new to this plot – Jena and her vampire movie fetish, foods and places that seem palpable. She may be new to this genre but she appears to have a true affinity for it. Grady Harp, September 16

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