Friday, December 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Miles of Files' by Michael J. Sahno

Imagine a world where desire, greed, and insurance all converge. Imagine in this world, not too different from the world we live in; can teach you a little about the dark world of money laundering.
Miles of Files is a fascinating look into the world of Flambet Insurance. While the main character, Paul Panepinto, grapples with the reality that he accidently stumbled on an embezzlement scheme, the reader gets a peek into the true lives of the Flambets. It is not hard to see that greed and misfortune are the family’s undoing. On the outside the bustling insurance company looks to post great profit, while on the inside the reader gets to see the reality of where the money is going.
Michael J. Sahno is a great author who can bring the daily tasks of office routine into a new light. The reader gets the comedy of the events, the irony of Paul’s career and in the final sequence of events, an ending that few would ever see coming. The author takes the time to put in small details of the work that is done by the employees and then takes great care into putting those details into the overall plotline.
The characters are deep, well thought out and are not placed in the story haphazardly. I especially enjoyed the girl’s nights out where it was always a simple outing and often would turn into a disaster! Paul also enjoyed his own struggles where his romantic life was one that was a struggle where the reader is silently screaming “don’t call her!”
Miles of Files is at heart, a mystery but invokes great emotions from the reader including anxiety, fear and even frustration at being placed on hold. You definitely don’t want to miss out on reading this one!

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