Friday, December 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Memoirs Of A Play-White: The Autobiography Other Writings' by Helene Louiesa Mynhardt

Memoirs Of A Play-White by Helene Louiesa Mynhardt
‘The floor of their house was manure that had been dried out after it was laid.’

South African author Helene Louiesa Mynhardt shares with us her autobiography that serves to introduce her life as a successful self made entrepreneur – a founding member and Managing Director of Sterling Debt Recoveries Johannesburg South Africa - a leading collection agency that provides efficient, large scale services on a commission basis to large credit-granting institutions. 

The autobiographic portion of this book is touching and impressive - explaining how siblings from the same parents were classified differently and children with a darker complexion were abandoned by fair-skinned parents. Louiesa shares the deep-seated segregation, not previously exposed to the world during apartheid, how racial classification destroyed family unity and friendships. Apartheid was abolished for 1 day during 1985 and all races lived in harmony next to each other. For once in the history of apartheid blacks were given a privilege denied to whites. Louiesa allows us to know the death penalty, gang violence, teenage pregnancies, alcoholism and starvation she witnessed while enduring extreme weather conditions without proper clothing. She takes us on a journey into the lives of the coloured race during apartheid, sparing no detail.

This book is one of those tomes that should be on the must-read list for students and all caring people. Once begun it is impossible to stop reading until the end. Highly Recommended. 

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