Friday, December 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Lyft' by Anonymous

‘His app “dinged” and it said he needed to pick up a person called Pat’

The author of this very small and short book wishes to remain ‘Anonymous’ – and rather that postulate that the moniker is to protect the identity of a famous person it seems more appropriate that the author wishes for each of us to be the imaginary ‘Johnny’ who has encounters with the world populace as the driver of the new taxi replacement program.

‘Tis the day of ride sharing companies - Uber and Lyft et al - and those people who drive the populace around the city must have many tales to share. In this book Johnny, a handsome wannabe actor spins around the freeways and city streets encountering odd and very entertaining riders – some he hopes will further his career dreams (without stooping to misbehavior), Hollywood types, ladies of the night (in the day), and many others.

The writing is lighthearted, sane, real (how many people are supporting themselves in this dry economy by deriving for a living?) and fun to read. A nice little touch of humor that is very contemporary and pertinent.

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