Thursday, December 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Love Letters to the Left: The Best of Captain Capitalism 2016-2018' by Aaron Clarey

Love Letters to the Left by Aaron Clarey
‘The REALITY of the labor market is that people demand things they want.’

Author Aaron Clarey began his adult life in banking, but now, as he so aptly describes he ‘is the world's only motorcycle riding, ballroom dancing, fossil hunting, mountain climbing, economist. Spending 15 years in banking he learned that work sucks, life is short, and it was not meant to be spent in a cube suffering the idiots of corporate America. He left and has since pursued a career in writing, consulting, ballroom dancing, and hedonism.’

The Introduction to his book LOVE LETTERS TO THE LEFT shares his outlook – ‘The past two years has seen a significant change in the focus of my blog. Whereas Captain Capitalism originally started out as a depository for empirical economic and political data, it became painfully apparent that most people do not care about facts, reality, statistics, or empiricism. People – especially leftists - are truly wedded to their ideologies, incapable of changing their minds or even acknowledging reality. This is in spite of how such ignorance and delusion can lead to dire societal consequences. Be it a simple recession where people believe housing prices will go up forever, a 9 year old tragically committing suicide because he came out as gay and was horrifically teased in class, unconsciously voting in a socialist, Orwellian dictatorship that we’re well on our way to now, or the starvation of millions that occur under a fully-bloomed communist system, the pride and ego of your average American is more important to them than the millions of lives, both present and future, who suffer when freedom, reality, and simple sanity goes away. But perhaps what’s worse is when you are assailed and assaulted, called an “ist” or an “ism,” even threatened financially or physically for merely pointing out the truth. Alas, when it became obvious that all my data, research, logic, and arguments were being ignored, and worse, leftists would attack me for merely pointing out the truth, I changed tactics and did the only thing I could do. Mock and ridicule them. The American left is beyond reason or rationalization. Be it the K thru College brainwashing they’ve received from government institutions, the tempting human nature to be lazy and parasite off the work of others, or perhaps the equal intellectual laziness of virtue signaling instead of standing for something that’s truly meritorious, they have chosen the laziest path in life, yet demand the rewards of the industrious, the laborious, and the hard-working.‘

Aaron writes brilliantly and divides his views into the following categories – How leftists hate themselves, How leftists hate love, How leftists hate women and minorities, How leftists hate millennials, How leftists hate everything else, and some fascinating posts!

He hits home with his observations and while they are intensely entertaining reading, there are blushingly accurate insights into behavior – if pushed a bit to the extreme! Read and laugh and join Aaron as he probes society as he views it. ‘Take JOY in the fact you have love, financial success, and simple sanity while the left has none.’

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