Sunday, December 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Lord of a Thousand Steps' by Tara Lain

Ian and Braden are from different walks of life but also have a decade between them. Their attraction is instant and Ian, in a short amount of time, becomes a very important part of Braden’s children’s life. They have a lot going for them but so much is stacked against them. One step forward, two steps back. It will take love and one crazy cat to get these two where they need to be, with each other.
Braden has been hiding a part of himself from himself and everyone else. The result was a very bitter wife, who is about to be an ex-wife.
A lifetime of hiding has given Braden a lot of things both good and bad. The one truly good thing to come from his marriage, the thing that made it all worth it, is his children. They are his reason to stop hiding who he is and they become the reason he gets so close to Ian.
Ian is young, talented and very much in love with his boyfriend, who has to move to his home country to take care of his ailing father. However, when he stops hearing from Rico, he worries. What he finds out isn’t at all what he expected but when a door closes, he looks for an open window. That window leads straight, no pun intended, to Braden.
I loved the connection between the children and Ian but the one thing struck me as missing is that the relationship between Ian and Braden needed to be shown a bit more. More showing, less telling. I wanted to feel like I was more of a part of their story as opposed to simply observing it from a distance.
Braden has insecurities from decades of hiding and Ian helps boosts his confidence. The sex and attraction between both of them was evident and nicely portrayed. I wanted to see how their relationship changed from boss/employee to friends to partners.
This is a series and since I have not yet read the previous books in this series, I can only concluded that each book can be read as a standalone erotic romance. Braden and Ian’s book has wonderful and fulfilling ending with promises of forever. A thousand steps begins by taking the first. This is one of those books where the characters know what they want, they see it but it takes finding the courage to take that first step to reach their goal. Braden needed Ian to get him to where he could embrace the chance for love and a real life. Well worth the read.

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