Monday, December 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Hotter With A Pole' by Delilah Devlin

Since Noah had been semi-frequenting a BDSM club with his fellow firefighters, he’d discovered so much about himself. He found he liked being bent over and being paddled, and wearing a cock ring. Noah loved having a warm male hand guide his movements. Noah was deeply curious whether he’d love having his ass full, or his mouth, but he wasn’t keen to explore out on stage. He wanted to start a bit more privately. After purchasing a ’68 Camaro Noah goes to the local garage to have it tuned up. The mechanic, Hoyt, makes Noah feel unusually fluttery – and when Hoyt appears to silently recognize the keyfob Noah as from the BDSM club things only grow from there.
I really enjoyed this short story. The tone and pace was perfect to me – fast enough that I didn’t feel it lagging anywhere, but not rushed in any way. Hoyt and Noah talked, tested the waters between them and only then jumped into bed. More powerful than that – I really loved how both men had pasts and issues they needed to overcome. Both men had lost people close to them, and I particularly enjoyed how Noah recognized that sadness and loss in Hoyt. Neither man used the other as a sop or quick-fix either. They’d both taken time to balance themselves and they were both eager to explore the relationship as one part of their emotional recovery.
This book was extremely emotional to my mind. I love how the author and characters used BDSM not as a kink, or as something to shock and show off – but as a tool to come to grips with their emotion. Both Hoyt and Noah were interested in the BDSM lifestyle, but I really enjoyed watching them use that to help them emotionally. It gave the story a lot of heart to my mind and made the story that much deeper for me.
I found this to be a really strong, emotional read filled with some elements of BDSM and a wonderful romance. With a smattering of kink and sexy M/M there is plenty here that I feel will appeal to most readers. Recommended.

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