Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Goodnight, My Love!' by Shelley Admont

Shelley Admont is a successful mom and a successful creator of children's books that are for both entertainment and lessons for behavior for children. In this book she has wisely engaged illustrator Samir Boumsik who provides wonderful images for Admont's story.

Shelley shares bedtime in a household where young lad Alex is going to bed. His father tells him he loves him but Alex has various reasons why he can’t go to sleep – he needs a drink of water, then a teddy bear, then a different teddy bear, all of which his father fetches for Alex. Yet Alex still can’t go to sleep because he doesn’t know what to dream. His father assists Alex in planning options for dreams - being a bird with his father so they could fly and watch the sunrise and mountains and sea together, and …fall asleep in the clouds. Mission accomplished, as Alex is now asleep.

Not only is this a dear story about a strong and loving relationship between a father and son, but it also encourages the use of imagination in seeking bedtime solace.

Shelly has a fine way of writing stories that offer instruction and advice to children – and the illustrations are, as always, terrific. Another winner from Shelly Admont! Grady Harp, October 17

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