Thursday, December 27, 2018

Book Review: 'The Eighth Day' by Joseph John

Shawn Jaffe’s world crumbles about him. A stranger warns Shawn his memories are false. This sets off a train of events that Shawn cannot stop. Detective Sam Harrington gets caught up in Shawn’s world to the detriment of both men.
Set in a future that is definitely possible, this book delves into the world of cloning and improving the human body. The commercial companies who run the governments have developed the clones and use them to their own advantage to remove people and objects from their path. Shawn and Sam set out to stop the murder and destruction.
An unusual and intriguing book. It started with murder, then carried on into the mysterious disappearance of a whole finance company along with records of Shawn’s past. The author created a world to fit in with a future Earth and I could honestly believe things might turn out this way.
The only thing I couldn’t understand was the title. The Eighth Day. I presume this refers to the seven days of creation and this development of clones is the eighth, but I don’t believe it fits very well with the book. The end of the book hinted there might be another in the pipeline. I hope so because the story tended to have an unfinished feeling.
Good book, well written and presented. I would definitely read a sequel to this one.

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