Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Review: 'The Dreamer's Manifesto' by Daniel Mangena

The Dreamer's Manifesto by Daniel Mangena
‘Dreamers are those who kept on dreaming whatever their circumstances may be.’

British author Daniel Mangena formed The Mangena Foundation in 2015 and incorporated England and Wales in 2017 as a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower the next generations to create a better, brighter, safer, and more loving world. The foundation builds schools and orphanage in third world countries, mentors children in foster care and children’s homes in the UK and mentors young offenders and those in the criminal justice system in the UK. The key phrases are ‘emancipation through education’, ‘a safe home for every child’, ‘teaching creative independence’, and ‘supporting the value of creators of tomorrow.’ As Daniel states, ‘In truth, I have long been at odds with the traditional formula of giving handouts as the principal framework for philanthropy because it’s counter to the workings of nature. If you give a man his dinner for long enough, he will forget how to feed himself and then, over time, fail to teach his children to do so. Before long you have generation after generation with no concept of self-reliance or the capability to care for themselves. I have seen this first hand with my work in the field, especially in countries ravaged by war. The generations that followed have had no experience of looking after themselves, as the ones who built them up were in many cases preoccupied with keeping them alive. The Mangena Foundation, for example, invests in local areas, training them to take over these enterprises with real economic consequences, in addition to and the support to make the transition into self-reliance, whilst simultaneously teaching the skills to the generations below. The goal is to enable these people to not only can take over these enterprises, but also evolve and innovate to create new and greater enterprises. Growth is a key component in nature—if you aren’t growing you are dying.’

In his Introduction Daniel shares, ‘Dreams are the unspoken language of our highest self. Since Ancient times, our ancestors have believed the gods communicated with us via our dreams. Today, science has given us a map to understand that dreams are the visual doorway to our deeper mind. It is my belief that encoded in our dreams—those recurring intangible impulses, feelings, and impressions—hides our truest purpose on this earth. I hold wholeheartedly that this can and often should be balanced with a rounded life encompassing a range of other activities, making note that not all dreams can for example sustain a family. My calling, however, is to not allow the people of the world to be denied those who possess beautiful gifts but disregard them.’

The focus of this book is the stated in the Manifesto - We, The Dreamers, with our gifts, give daily to create a world where every man, woman and child connects to a clear vision of the awesome potential of their true and authentic highest purpose, fully loved and supported in every way, free and empowered to do so without fear, judgment, or impediment.’ And Daniel takes us through his committed philosophy that emphasizes the power and possibilities of dreams and in doing so provides one of the more sensitive and supportive counseling sessions available. Highly Recommended.

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