Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Burned by Darkness' by Alexandra Ivy

One day I binge bought and read a series by Ms. Ivy and somehow, I missed reading this one. It was like discovering a candy stash I had forgotten about. This was a one sitting read that thrilled me to my toes. It takes place in the world of The Guardians of Eternity but Burned by Darkness is the first of a new series filled with dragons.
bURNEDLevet, the adorable little gargoyle, is along for the ride while contributing humor and hijinks like in the other series but his antics are toned down so as to not dilute the impact of Tayla and Baine’s romance. The hero and heroine have a lot of hurdles to overcome before they can breathe a sigh of relief and explore their passions in relative safety. Seems quite a few villains want to kidnap Tayla, and Baine is at a loss as to explain why. She’s just an imp, right? Gorgeous, a talented baker of scones and somehow a draw to some powerful villains, Baine has to figure things out in time to save Tayla because if he doesn’t he could lose her forever. That’s a major story conflict that had me glued to its pages and I couldn’t stop reading.
I enjoyed meeting Baine’s right hand man, Char. He’s hunky in his own right and I suspect Cupid is going to be paying him a visit some day and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, he was fleshed out enough to be a definite asset to Baine and his quest to claim Tayla as his mate. Not that Baine recognized that fact in the beginning. Guys, or in this case, dragons, who have been alone for 500 years tend to be slow on the uptake. Still, when he finally figures it out, it was almost too late. Great fire-breathing dragon scenes ensued.
The passion between the hero and heroine is volatile and steamy so if readers like the door wide open, the author wrote the scenes well for readers to enjoy.
I am quite satisfied with the happy ever after for Burned by Darkness and I can safely say that Ms. Ivy has new winner of a series shaping up. I’m quite excited and eagerly await more. I like the way she writes her romances.

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