Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Benjamin Birdie's First Flight' by Michael Dotsikas (Illustrated by Morgan Spicer)

Benjamin Birdie's First Flight by Michael Dotsikas
A journey through compassion and kindness

New York author Michael Dotsikas founded and owns a computer consulting company and makes his literary debut with this polished, absolutely first rate children’s books - the first of which we can only hope will be an ongoing series. His poetic writing is assisted by the extraordinary illustrations by Morgan Spicer who is an animal advocate responsible for rescuing dogs. 

Benjamin Birdie is young and wants to fly but his mother admonishes him it is not his tie yet. But Benjamin Birdie is sure he can fly so he jumps from the tree - and falls from the tree with all the tree dweller watching. Feeling defeated he approached by all manner of animal friends – an elephant, giraffe, snake, tree kangaroo, jaguar, kinkajou, cuscus, sloth, tarsier, lemur, howler monkey, tamarin, gibbons, - each offering to help Benjamin Birdie get back in his tree. With the kindness and compassion of he friends he gets back home– happy!

While the adventure moves rapidly each animal character is shown and at eh end of the book there is a very fine description of the many friends – names (with pronunciation), images, type of species, and explanation of the animal’s traits. This makes for an excellent reference book for children (and adults!) to learn about the many species of animals we’ve met.

In every way this book is a success - witty, tender, meaningful, educational, and entertaining. Welcome to a new star in the children’s books world. Highly Recommended. 

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