Sunday, December 30, 2018

Book Review: 'As It Was: Poetical Works' by Louise Hayward

As It Was: Poetical Works by [Hayward, Louise]

‘Backwards, forwards like a clock the hands of time must come to rest.’

New Zealand born poet Louise Hayward has lived in Australia and in London where she enjoyed a career in International Banking. A change in direction led to a diploma in Music and Artist Management. He serves as publicist and PA to Music Promoter and guitarist Gray Bartlett. Now she writes poetry and AS IT WAS is her debut publication.

This eloquent book is rich in sensitive thoughts and other times with many refreshing insights that brighten the reader’s experience. Her beautiful book is illustrated by creative designer Eva Dooley.

As always it is best to allow the poetry to speak for both the poet and the essence:

What is Love?

Love, love is like a dove
Its whitened wings belie
The very air we breathe

Carry thou wings upon this land
Without a sigh or frown
You’ll see why you touched the sky
And breathe from far beneath

Guardians of the River

Along the Missouri River
In times so long ago
Soldiers set their weary feet
The horses’ manes were set
The Indians gather for their feast
Unknown to all who pass
So quiet was their nature
That they gathered for their rest
And all who passed in hunger
Had no idea of their miss

The Power

The very heart of man transcends
The slumber he doth wear
All day & through the night I hear
His rumblings everywhere

He pushes through the boundaries
Of love, of War, of hate
No other animal on earth
Can judge or mitigate

Each & every one of us
Has the power to stop
This war on nature
From mankind
And live at one with all.

Louise’s message is about hope and reading her gentle poems brings that sensation into the forefront of our mind. Grady Harp, December 18

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