Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Commentary: The Speed of Jordan Peterson

By Aaron Clarey

Permit me a disclaimer so the Jordan Peterson fan boys do not come in here and flood the comments section with low-IQ non-arguments such as "clean your room" and "make your bed."

I like and agree with nearly everything Jordan Peterson says.  That man is very intelligent, is very brave for standing up to not only academia, but the tyrannical elements within the Canadian government, and he is very eloquent.  He is a very large net asset to society and the world, and we should be thankful the man exists.  The world is much better off with Jordan Peterson in it.

There is only ONE complaint I have about the man (and if you're gearing up to tell me to "make my bed" please reread the paragraph above), and that is the man is slow.

Not slow in a mental sense or slow on the uptake of street smarts, but the man is just late to the party.  It took the confluence of

1.  The Canadian government passing bill C 16
2.  Dr. Peterson being in academia at the time 
3.  While the SJW mental illness had infected academia

to create the environment/drama to launch him to prominence within non-leftist spheres of the internet.

But just because he was the right man at the right place at the right time doesn't mean people weren't onto the tyrannical left's agenda of oppressing its people via thought, academia brainwashing, or outright legislation.  This battle has been going on LOOOOOONG before Peterson showed up and had the sheeple of society dared to be intellectually independent as they claim to be, society would have been hip to the threat the left poses and been able to do something about it DECADES ago.

Unfortunately, since society insisted on being asleep at the wheel this has cost two full generations a life of hell in terms of worthless degrees, trillions in student loans, and crippled financial futures.  The fact Jordan Peterson and society are FINALLY waking up to this now earns them a "Welcome to the Party Pal Award."

Another example, Robin Abcarian.

Like me you might have said, "Who?" because she is one of the millions of journalism majors my age floundering about the world, trying to make a living at this long-disreputed profession.  But I will tip my hat to her in one regard - she actually did some actual journalism.  She is (as far as my research tells me) the first journalist to connect and point out the incel cause-and-effect on mass shootings, murder, even terrorism.

The only problem?  This connection has existed since Columbine and has been known for almost the same 20 years since the event.  It's just NOW America's Nervous System (aka - the media) is making the connection and waking us up to it well after the Aurora shooting, Elliot Rodgers, dozens of school shootings and...oh...the hundreds of lives that were lost.  Now these precious journalism-degree-laden "thought-leaders" can't write enough articles about "incels" and maybe (in another twenty years) might start to advocate nuclear families with strong, masculine, PRESENT fathers instead of government checks as a solution to incel-inspired shootings (though I'm not holding my breath).  And for that, the entire American "journalism" industry is also awarded a "Welcome to the Party Pal Award."

Finally, there's Ellen Ruppel Shell.

Again, like Ms. Abcarian, you might say "who?" because she is also very common.  One of the millions of liberal arts professors flailing about society.  However, on May 16th, 2018, in a BRILLIANT stroke of genius and true independent thought that ONLY academics are capable of, she posed the question in a New York Times opinion piece that....

(are you ready for it?)
(you better be sitting down)
(no, really dude, this is so brilliant only a liberal arts professor has the brains to make such a rare and insightful observation)

wondered if college may not be worth it anymore!

I KNOW!!!  Right???  Check out the intellectual balls on this lady!  Amirite?

Mockery set aside, like Peterson and Abcarian, you just have to sit there with your mouth agape.

NOW you think college degrees are overpriced?

And not only that, but I couldn't help but notice Ms. Shell (I refuse to call her a professor) is 66 year old professor in a worthless field.  So you admit you've been overcharging your students for your worthless classes all this time??  It sure is convenient that Ms. Shell made this observation right at retirement age.  Perhaps Phillip Morris will also admit its product destroys its customers before it files for bankruptcy.

The point is, very much like Jordan Peterson, it only took this woman 66 years of life to come to the conclusion that paying $75,000 for a "Bachelors in Communications" may not be worth it.  And for that, she too is given the coveted "Welcome to the Party Pal Award."

Now I could go on citing examples of obvious problems with obvious solutions that presupposed western and American intellectuals should have identified ages ago. I can continue to mock them and ridicule them in the hopes they might actually start thinking independently and critically about the real threats and costs these societal problems cause.  But the larger point of this post is to point out that America and society in general just don't have the time for our pre-supposed thought leaders to be so slow on the draw.  We don't have the time for journalists, professors, academics, media personalities, and politicians to take TWO FREAKING DECADES to tell us that degrees are worthless, sexually frustrated men from fatherless homes are bad, there's a Dotcom Bubble, there's a housing bubble, or that viral, SJW, politically correct, Orwellian tyrannical legislation will destroy our freedoms.  America's thought leaders NEED to be much better, quicker, and bolder at thinking otherwise we are going to continue to suffer mass shootings, financial bubbles, sclerotic economic growth, crippling debts, less freedom, and over over-all lower quality lives.

Unfortunately, I too was hoping the internet would free people from having to rely on others to do their thinking for them (I know it must be tiring for you intellectuals).  I thought the internet would break the intellectual monopoly colleges, academia, the media, and government hold over them. Sadly, 20 years of the internet has proven people are just as programmable sheep as ever and the majority of them still need to be told what to think.   I merely implore you thought leaders to do what you all claim to be capable of and that is be independent, intellectual, smart, forward-looking people whose brains and intelligence will not only prevent society's sheep from making spectacular mistakes, but also identify opportunities that will the vault the mindless-herd of sheep humans into greater heights into he future.

Just, for god's sake, you need to go a hell of a lot faster than the snails pace of "The Speed of Jordan Peterson."  That is, of course, unless you wanted another $1.5 trillion in worthless degree student loan debt and maybe another couple hundred dead from incel shootings.

Enjoy the decline.

Editor's note: This article was originally published at Captain Capitalism and has been rerun with permission.

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