Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Book Review: 'We Are All Connected' by Barry Robin

We Are All Connected by Barry Robin

‘Laughing is good for your health. We all need to do more of it.’

Author Barry Robin leads a busy creative life: he is the creator of the long running Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV show Barry Robin’s Dance and Music Meditations, a show that has featured Improvisational Music, Dance and Comedy in various live locations on the streets of Manhattan, Brazil and many other places, he has two music albums, has also written a movie screen play, many plays, comic books, and children’s stories. His dream is to produce books that will help people to realize their own dreams as a counselor, teacher, family member and good friend.

Barry’s ongoing concern for aiding his readers and audience to live a happier life. Ashe states in his warm intoduction, ‘As a teacher, sometimes it is a matter of presenting an old idea in a new and totally original way that will enable someone to finally own and understand a concept. You may also encounter some ideas that are totally new to you. Each of us has characteristics that we all share as human beings, and each of us has an originality that is unique and our own. You are the only model of yourself that has existed and ever will exist. My whole life I have stubbornly stuck to the idea of being myself and being original, and I like to think that it has paid off. Whatever your job in life is, there is no reason to copy another’s way of being, because you are unique yourself. The way you present your life story is different than the way anyone else would present it. Yes, when we learn a new skill, we have to copy the basics, but once we are masters of the skill, the way that we present it will be uniquely our own. It is in this spirit that I create.” 

As the synopsis offers, ‘We Are All Connected is a multi-genre book that explores, in a fun way, how we are all connected to each other. The reader is taken on a unique spiritual journey where Romance, Comedy, Science Fiction, Poetry, Theater and Self-Help are all used to help the reader find his/her connection to everyone and everything that exists. By the end of the book the reader will have a greater feeling of connectedness, love and joy. And the reader will have had a lot of fun!’ A very fine summary. 

Barry’s chapters suggest the content The Roach, The DNA Ancestry Test, Strange Connections Parts One thru Three, You Mean I Am Connected To All This?, Love Is The Mystery That Binds Us, I See God In Everything, and Ripples Test Our Connections. 

An excerpt from the play THE DNA ANCESTRY TEST shares the flavor of this book – ‘Narrator: Susan and Mabel put on the music, and everyone belly danced together. Everyone danced, and talked, and talked, and danced, and sang, and enjoyed each other’s company into the night. It was indeed the best birthday party that Vincent ever had. Vincent would never feel alone again for he realized that we are all connected. And that goes for all of you too. You too are connected to everyone and everything that has ever been and will ever be. You are connected to me, and I am connected to you. When you realize that we are all connected, you will never feel alone. When you realize that we are all connected you will realize that every good action helps everyone to feel good. We may be connected by DNA. We may be connected by love. We may be
connected by God and the Universe. We may be connected because we all live on the same planet that is in the same solar system that is in the same universe. BE HAPPY! WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!’

This little book is a joy – and it needs spreading about. Perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

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