Thursday, November 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Today, Tomorrow and the Day After: Poetry Everyone Can Relate With III' by Ogaga Eruteya

Today, Tomorrow and the Day After by Ogaga Eruteya

‘Poetry as a tool for enhancing our world’

Nigerian poet Ogaga Eruteya earned professional training in biomedical science in addition to nurturing his passion for writing. He is a multidimensional Christian minister, writer, poet and essayist who seeks, with his writings, to inspire, motivate, and propagate life’s truths and realities, as well as represent a sincere Christian voice. His writing addresses health and medical science, youth development, nation building, personal development and other realities. He has published three books to date. 

Ogaga’s poetry is gentle, accessible, and aims to connect with the spirit of his readers. The best way to explain his technique is to share some of his works.

On Sickbed

I stare at the ceiling 
but I see the pallid sky 
that’s far beyond 

Voices around 
are audible, but 
it’s mere silence 
to that within 

My thoughts are with me 
all, about me 
and nothing of 
the life outside, and 
every other worry 
and activity 

like it used to be 
when I’m not 
on sickbed


In our area 
Somewhere in Nigeria 
This thing called malaria 
Struck our little Gloria 
And ended her career 

Just like in Somalia 
In Asia 
In South America
And every prone area 

One thing is clear 
We’re still in the rear 
In finding a panacea 
To what’s not rare 

We should rise and stare 
At it, without fear 
Change the gear 
And sanitize our air 

Yes, if we bring our all to bear 
In the fight, taking our share
And everyone is sincere 
We’ll surely end its scare 
And the whole world will hear

Quiet, rich in meaning and in connection to humanity, Ogaga’s words touch us gently and provide thoughts for aiding each other. 

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