Friday, November 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Storm in a cup of coffee' by Keren Or

Israeli author Keren Or earned her BA in psychology and MA in screen writing for movies and television. She worked as a therapist, coped with a life altering trauma, and now is a screen writer and playwright with a focus on musicals, which combine her two life passions – music and writing. Keren loves writing dramas and romances with gentle touches of comedy, usually related—in one way or another—to true stories, whether from personal events or from life itself. STORM IN A CUP OF COFFEE appears to be her debut in writing novels – and an impressive landmark this book is

This novel is based on a true story and Keren opens her tale with a reflection – ‘Life is full of ups and downs. Of surprising miracles, on the one hand, and of storms that rock our soul from time to time, on the other. We can live every moment intensely or pass through doors of opportunity without touching or even opening them, missing chances to connect completely with our roots, without which it would be difficult for us to grow... It is up to us to decide how we will look at those clouds floating above. Some will see them as part of a great universe of different shades. Amazing, harmless, fleeting. While others will turn them into a paralyzing thunderstorm, a potentially threatening hurricane, or an absorbing storm in a small cup of tea or, as in Eli’s case, in a cup of coffee... The solution will always be in our own hands, yet opening them to see it will require reaching a delicate degree of internal balance, between love, trust and faith... If we have luck, patience or conviction, we’ll get there sooner or later. For Eli, however, it seems a long journey awaits...‘

So where does this overture lead us? ‘Can Eli accept the man who psychic Lena insists is her love destiny? "...I am feeling that his last name has something to do with a stone, some type of stone... If I'm right...Lucas will be your destiny.” On hearing for the first time that Lucas is to be her husband, twenty-five-year-old Eli initially encloses herself within a black cloud of stubbornness. She flatly rejects this insistent prediction of Lena’s, a psychic who reads coffee grounds. Eli cannot accept that fate has determined that she should have a relationship with a divorced single father. And if Eli believes Lena, what will it take to make Lucas fall in love with her? But after guaranteeing her a unique love and a fulfilling and enduring life as a couple, Lena manages to get through to Eli. Determined to conquer Lucas and bring the prophecy to fruition, Eli begins a most purposeful journey, aimed at making Lucas fall in love with her. But this could turn out to be... an impossible mission! Eli’s captivating story brings us a moving tale of love, determination, and faith.’

Beautifully written with just the right balance of philosophy and humor – much like life can be. Keren Or is here to stay. Grady Harp, November 18

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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