Thursday, November 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)' by Brynn Tannehill

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans by Brynn Tannehill
Transphobic myths debunked, replaced with well-researched and considered writing

Author Brynn Tannehill is a leading transactivist and essayist, having written for The New York Time, The Huffington Post, Bilerico, Slate, Salon, USA Today, The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, and The New Civil Rights Movement as a columnist. This is her first published book and will most assuredly become the primary resource of information for transgender information – both for transgender people and for their families and friends - and university sociology/psychology studies.

Pay attention to the well-selected title of this book and the content is obvious. Brynn’s writing style is accessible, accurate, well researched and studied, and informative form the ground up. She includes ‘What does transgender mean?’ and then gradually offers insights about growing up trans, dating and sex, medical and mental health, and all the debates around gender and feminism. She carefully debunks all the transphobic myths and offers references of all types to make her delivery wholly credible.

We are in a transition period when gender issues are more openly discussed: television, novels, and movies have been responsible for increasing public awareness, But what Brynn does with all the current data and milieu is offer strong support on every level. This is a fine book on every level, and one that likely will be wining literary and sociologic awards! 

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