Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Don't Just Manage--Lead!' by Arthur F. Coombs III

Don't Just Manage--Lead!
By Arthur F. Coombs III

Review by Rebecca Johnson

Arthur Coombs is an intuitive and creative leader. "In Don't Just Mange, Lead!" he imparts his wisdom in the form of stories from his life. Each story has a meaningful lesson that you won't soon forget. His Darden story is amazing. The stories of his dad are just so wonderful too. There is also a funny story about a misspelled word in email. I felt all the stories were very entertaining but the story about being positive was really beautiful.

I like that Arthur Coombs presents the difference between managing and leading. You will soon fully understand the huge difference. This book is about leading with love not fear. I also loved reading about how you can use creative ways to motivate employees to reach for the stars.

One fun things Arthur Coombs does is to present people with an A-Z list of their best qualities. I once wrote a list of 200 reasons why I thought someone was amazing and they have never forgotten it. I didn't realize it was an idea other people were using too.

So this book will help you in your family life, with your friends or in business situations. This book seeks to explain how you can be a better leader in all areas of your life. It is rare that a book about business success makes you feel a sense of love in your heart. In that, this book succeeds! :)

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