Sunday, October 14, 2018

'Cotto/Gottfried': Have conservative fathers destroyed America? Aaron Clarey thinks so. He explains why.

America is a bitterly-divided country right now, and there is little -- if any -- serious prospect for change on the horizon. The reasons why the United States has reached this low are numerous; too vast for mention here. One thing worth asking, though, is who shoulders the blame for this. Aaron Clarey, a prolific blogger, one of our time's most outspoken economists, and a former ballroom dance instructor, believes that conservative fathers have done incalculable harm to the nation. Clarey, a man of the right, explains his perspective on this week's episode of 'Cotto/Gottfried.' Clarey's website: Article he wrote about education: SEE more interviews HERE: http://www.sanfranciscoreviewofbooks.... http://www.sanfranciscoreviewofbooks....

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