Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Commentary: How Trump Will Expose the Nobel Peace Prize for the Farce It Is

By Aaron Clarey

There's a problem with awards.

"Awards," by their very definition, must award something.  That something would logically be something of noteworthiness, accomplishment, value, or excellence.  And something so noteworthy or valuable, that it stands out from the rest of normal people's accomplishments that it deserves recognition.  So a person with a perfect SAT score, a hero in a war, or even a creative and savvy entrepreneur - those people are "awarded" with a scholarship, a medal, financial wealth, etc.

But achieving something of great value and accomplishment takes effort.  And effort, especially of the noteworthy variety, takes hard work.  And as well all know this goes against all non-blue collar leftists' nature.  So what is an egotistical leftist to do?

The answer is "destroy awards."  Not so much by eliminating them or actually destroying them, but by lowering and destroying the standards by which excellence is awarded.  So the elimination of the honor roll, participation trophies, completely made up awards, removing the swimsuit competition from Miss. America, non-art, or the political co-opting of awards (such as the Oscars or anything ending with an "ammy") - all of these things are done so inferior people can avoid hard work, but still bask in the glow of "achievement" and "celebration."  Meanwhile, genuinely amazing humans of great accomplishment and achievement are overlooked for these politically connected, horrific inferiors.

Which brings us to Donald Trump.

Again, for the 38th time, I am no big fan of Donald Trump.  But I am a fan of the world having objective standards by which we measure and recognize excellence so that society may not only advance, but enjoy the accomplishments of truly amazing people (not "Oprah Amazing").  So it is with great curiosity I look forward to the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.  For while there is a great many things to criticize Trump over, his ability to bring a prospective peace to North and South Korea is easily the pinnacle act to bring peace to this world in 2018. 

I want to emphasize the conclusivity and concreteness of that statement..

It is a fact that Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  Nobody has done more to advance peace in 2018 than Donald Trump.  That's not an opinion, that's not my bias.  The man brokered the end of the Korean War and did more to bring the two countries together in the past 6 months than thousands did in the past 68 years.  Oh, and he may also have resulted in the freeing of the world's most oppressed people without firing a shot or costing one human life.  I'm sure there's a very nice lady teaching poor third world children how to read somewhere, but unequivocally Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

But the point of this article is not about whether Trump deserves the prize.  That is fact.  That is truth to anybody who still is capable of independent thought.  The real point of this article is to highlight and preemptively expose the frauds in the Nobel Prize Committee who will continue on the leftist tradition of co-opting awards for political purposes and deny him the award.

This is not that brave or ballsy of a prediction.  The Nobel committee's track record already exposes their ulterior political motives.  Awarding Barack Obama the Nobel prize in 2009 for essentially "being Barack Obama" was perhaps the ultimate slap across humanity's face that woke people up to the worthlessness of the award.  But like newspaper articles, atrocious legislation, or shutting down lemonade stands, nobody investigates and profiles the people behind such acts, merely that the act happened.  And so I want to profile and expose the members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee so we can all understand who they are, how they simple political ideologues, and the LAST thing they care about is "peace."

Berit Reiss-Andersen - She is the chairman of the committee, lawyer, life-long government worker and politician, and a member of Norway's labor party.  She has never spent a second in the private sector working a real job, working with real people, yet politically espouses beliefs to help the common man like many limousine leftists do. 

Henrik Syse - If you thought Ms. Reiss-Andersen was a privileged limousine leftist, allow me to introduce you to Henrik Syse.  Like Ms. Reiss-Andersen he too has never set foot in the real world suffering one second of actual physical toil or labor. A  lifelong academic he has never left academia since the Cold War where he currently is a "professor of peace."  Oh, incidentally he is Norway's Chief Nepotist as he is also the son of Jan Syse, Norway's former prime minister.

Thorbjorn Jagland - Ensuring there is no political diversity in the Nobel committee is another labor party member, Mr. Thorbjorn Jagland.  He stands out from other party members in that he worked extra hard at avoiding work, opting to go into politics at the age of 16.  There is literally nothing else of note about Mr. Jagland as he's done literally nothing else in his life.  He has arrogantly insisted (and Norwegians naively capitulated) to tell other people what to do since he was a child and has never gone through any galvanizing experiences that would have otherwise turned him into an adult.  My 13 year old cousin has more work experience baby sitting that this adult child.

Anne Enger - A bit harder to find a thorough biography on, Ms. Enger is AGAIN another career politician.  In office since 1985 (assuming my Norwegian was correct) she has wallowed in the halls of public sector privilege since the Cold War.  In all intellectual honesty she is NOT a member of the labor party, but instead was the one-time leader of Norway's Centrist Party.  Regardless, no mention of having any real or tangible employment was found in any of her biographies.

Alse Toje - Like Ms. Enger, Mr. Toje is also not a member of the labor party, but he has pretty much everything else in common with the rest of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.  In my 43 years of life I have worked as a landscaper, security guard, analyst, banker, dance instructor, author, laborer, radio show host, clerk, and window washer.  Mr. Toje at the same age has been a....


That's it.  That's all he's done.  He's cushily been parked in academia his entire adult life ne'er setting one foot in the world of real work.  His politics may not align with the rest of the committee, but his work ethic (or lack thereof) most certainly does.

You may certainly research these people in more detail, but the point is these are not real people who worked in the real world and actually care about world peace.  These are Norwegian bureaucrats who are deathly afraid of labor and toil, yet want to be popular on the international stage.  And since their primary motivation in participating in the Nobel Peace Prize is not peace, but self-servance I can guarantee you they will not award Donald Trump the Nobel "Peace Prize," but somebody else more politically aligned with them and popular amongst their academic, political, bureaucratic circles.

Alas, the Nobel Peace Prize will continue on being the joke that it's become.  The question is whether the rest of the world will be duped into believing it's anything but.

Editor's note: This article was originally published at Captain Capitalism and has been rerun with permission.

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