Sunday, October 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Unsurpassed' by Charity Parkerson


It gets pretty hot and intense inside of an MMA fight ring but the real action takes place after the fight.
Aubree Holiday grew up in the world of kick boxers and MMA fighters thanks to her father who had worked and trained fighters. Since the accident that claimed her parents lives, she has avoided the people and the places that held so many memories. Two sexy, long time friends and one outrageous champion bring her full circle to remind her of the reasons why her childhood was happy and full of people who mattered. There same men will be the source of some smoking hot sheet action but also a reason to doubt her ability to trust herself.
This book pulled my emotions in so many directions. One minute I just knew she going to get a weekend to remember with the two hot guys she’s fantasized about forever, and in a way does, but then the author totally threw me for a loop by introducing a third guy. Drew is totally a flirt and player, on the outside. Much like his fighting style, he doesn’t hold anything back and Aubree isn’t sure what to make of him. But she likes it and him once she gets to know him.
Max and Ryan are all kinds of alpha hot. They’re possessive about Aubree and give her multiple reasons to want to be with them. I could have easily rooted for these guys. Plans are made and carried out and that has consequences. I was surprised by their reasons for doing what they did but not in a bad way. I simply didn’t anticipate it and that added to the story.
This is a short story and it moves really fast, which is good since it is short, but when I read the blurb it alluded to there being some M/M action. It is there but if a reader is thinking it’s an MMF menage, they’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, readers who enjoy books where the guys are totally focused on the girl between them, will be quite happy. Ms. Parkerson built plenty of tension into this short story. Right up until there’s a no going back point, I could have believed and would have been satisfied with whomever Aubree chose. But that point does happen and the story plays out accordingly. I felt that it did end in an HEA, especially for Aubree but it also had closure for all parties involved.
Unsurpassed is the first book in Ms. Parkerson’s No Rival series. The second book sounds like it is just as exciting and nail biting so I’ll be adding it to my TBR list. Readers looking for alpha men with a penchant for mild BDSM should give this hot read a try.

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