Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Thoughts from Lorna' by Lorna Michael's

Thoughts from Lorna by Lorna Michael's
‘There is darkness No light to guide your way You feel alone Abandoned Why should you remain?’

Australian poet Lorna Michael’s (yes, the apostrophe is part of her name) lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia. Though she has been writing in journals for years, this book represents her debut in publishing. 

Lorna’s thoughts and poetically expressed concepts obviously come from an artists of sensitivity and caring for her fellowman. The moods and subjects change as we read her book, but the impact of her words remains strong throughout. 
Some examples follow:

In our arms 

The heavens allowed for your arrival 
To come into our lives 
The joy you bring to brighten our smiles 
To see you for the first time 
Will be like no other for us 

You surprised us with your presence 
We did not know you were there, to begin with 
To find out of you was a shock 
You had remained hidden for so long 

Till one day I felt you near 
I could not believe it was possible 
Now we realise so much 
We have our concerns 
But know your arrival 
It will be worth it

To hold you in our arms for the first time 
Will be like no other 
The confusion we have felt in the preceding months 
Before your arrival 
None of it will matter 
When you are in our arms 
As you will be our bundle of joy

The night skies

As I look into the night sky 
I wonder can we really be alone 
Can we be the only ones in this universe of ours 

Are we alone in this vast place we call a galaxy 
In this small planet of ours 
Can we be the only ones 

We are but a small spec of dust in the universe 
So is it possible that we 
Are not alone here 
On Earth, in this universe 

Is it right to think we are alone? 
There must be more to this existence 
Than this small planet we call home 

If we were to only believe 
That we are the only ones 
Then are we not closing our minds 
To the endless possibilities 
That are out there for us 

The new places to explore 
The new experiences there are to be had
We would be closing our minds 
To enlightenment and growth 
Both as individuals and on a global scale 
So, can we really believe 
That we are alone on this small planet of ours

Lorna’s thoughts, well scribed, bring out emotional responses form the reader – and that is her reason for sharing. A solid collection, this. 

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