Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Texas Lullaby' by Cynthia D’Alba


This book was by far my favorite on this series, and let me say that I have loved them all.
This is a sexy romance about two people in love and perfectly willing to make sacrifices for each other, but what happens when tragedy changes their lives forever. Jason is the last of the Montgomery Mavericks to tie the knot but he’s been hiding a big secret from everyone, including the woman he loves. Lydia’s family is rocked by tragedy on the eve of her wedding and leaving her with custody of her sister’s three small children. Now Jason’s lies come back on him and threatens to tear them apart.
As usual, this book was really well written and realistic. Lydia had a hard time being an instant mother to three little ones. She was frustrated and felt inadequate at times and also conflicted about her relationship with Jason. It seemed that he was too good at convincing everybody that he had zero interest in ever being a father. It wasn’t that way at all but that lie nearly cost him the one thing he wanted more than anything. This story was certainly loaded with drama and angst and the characters were wonderful. Also, I loved the special twist and the epilogue was beautiful.
This was the final book in the Montgomery Mavericks series and I absolutely hate to see it end. I love the author’s writing and getting to know all the wonderful characters and watching their drama play out toward so many happy endings. Lastly, I enjoyed every page of this book and look forward to the next book from Cynthia D’Alba since reading this series has definitely made me a fan for life.

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