Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Book Review: 'The Road to Nyn' by Brian G. Michaud

Kay is thrilled when he succeeds in the Squire Trials and advances from page to squire. But before he has a chance to find out what that means, goblins attack his village, enslaving his family and friends. Even though he wants more than anything to be a knight, he has been secretly studying magic with Alamin, a powerful and eccentric wizard, despite the fact that magic is forbidden. Without any hesitation at all, Kay sets out across the Kingdom of Gaspar, determined to rescue his family.
Kay is a very likeable young man, and he is accompanied by a mischievous sprite named Felix who is able to change his shape into a variety of creatures. The two of them set out with Alamin, but soon are on their own.
The story is filled with adventures, surprises on every page. Kay has never had a lot of success with his spells. They usually backfire on him, but now he needs to learn as quickly as he can. Along the way, Kay and Felix meet others, some of whom are helpful as others try to stop them. My favorite supporting character was Bibo, a Telok or tree person. He is very small and very scared, but he is determined to help, leading Kay and Felix to Nyn.
Tension mounts as Kay and Felix get closer and closer to the Lord of Nyn. I found that by the middle of the book I was totally unable to put it down. The author has done a fantastic job of picking up the pace as the book moves forward so that the conclusion is spine tingling and very suspenseful.
Readers of fantasy are sure to be thrilled by The Road to Nyn. The Kingdom of Gaspar is a wonderful place and I really hope that the author gives us even more adventures with Kay, Felix, and their friends.

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  1. Thank you very much for the review. I'm glad that you enjoyed The Road to Nyn. The sequel, The Ring of Carnac, is now available.
    Here is a snippet form the book jacket:
    It’s an adventure on the high seas for Alamin’s wizarding apprentices, Kay and Jerra, but it’s definitely not a pleasure cruise. They are in a race against time to stop the witch, Krellia, from releasing an ancient evil from its thousand-year-old prison.
    Only the Ring of Carnac holds the key to stopping Krellia and her pirate and goblin minions. Unfortunately, the ring has been missing for hundreds of years, and the one person who may hold the clue to the ring’s whereabouts an odd, reclusive wizard who lives on an island far to the south.
    Alamin promises to protect his young apprentices on their journey, but, when Kay and Jerra become prisoners aboard a pirate ship where magic doesn’t work, their adventure seems like it will end before it has hardly begun!

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