Sunday, October 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Monster in My Closet' by R.L. Naquin

Monster in my Closet is addicting. It’s a happy novel with a dark edge and it tells the story of an ordinary woman who finds out she’s extraordinary. As soon as she accepts the truth, the paranormal world comes at her like a supernova, exploding all her misconceptions of reality and making her life richer, complicated and, in good and bad ways, exciting. Taking the ride with Zoey, the heroine, is worth every flip of the page, every chapter and every moment spent discovering just how mysterious and unconventional her life will become.
The reason why I called this book happy is because for all the death that visits people she likes in the story, she comes to the realization that she truly isn’t a loner after all. She has people who care about her, love her, want to protect her and she can count on them for back up. Plus she loves them back and does sweet, thoughtful, helpful and caring things automatically for anyone she can. Her positive vibes and enthusiastic urges to do good deeds are what endeared her to me, but it also made the evil conflict that much more effective, stark and shocking.
This is an actually a sweet romance because any physical aspects of romance between Zoey and Riley were relegated to wishing, hoping and a peck. The sensual does not come from anything Zoey does with her new potential boyfriend, but from the descriptions involving the succubus, Sebastian. He’s a nasty piece of work and because he’s an evil sex demon, there were some descriptions of his kissing and other things with his victims and with Zoey a time or two, but none of it was romantic in the least. The romance between heroine and possible hero is sweet, but for the interactions with the demon they were anything but. He was super creepy.
The book is told in first person point of view and the author did it so well, I was sucked into the story faster than quicksand. Ms. Naquin’s storytelling voice is a winner.
The world building in this novel is stellar and is fascinating. Sight unseen, I’ll be buying the next book in the series because I’m so impressed with Monster in My Closet. If the writing continues to be strong, vibrant, entertaining and effective, and Zoey and Riley’s relationship continues to grow like it seems to hint at, then any book afterwards is a lure I can’t resist. I enjoyed meeting Zoey and her growing paranormal family and highly recommend this to other readers looking for something fresh, easy to read and thoroughly engaging. It’s a winner.

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