Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Kiss of the Virgin Queen' by Sharon Buchbinder


Eliana always believed the stories her mother told her about her ancestors were myths, until now.
Eliana is exceptionally good at her job. Now that shape shifters and other paranormal entities are finally being recognized by the government, Eliana finally has the resources she needs to track down the jinni responsible for the death of a loved one and the loss of her childhood. Eliana plans to use science and logic to fight the jinni, but she might need faith and help from a higher power to defeat the evil stalking her. Kiss of the Virgin Queen is the second book in this series. While I highly recommend reading Kiss of the Silver Wolf first, Ms. Buchbinder provides enough detail that I believe this book can be read on its own.
Eliana’s story is heartbreaking. The tragic event in her childhood put Eliana on a mission with little time for a personal life, let alone love. Arta, and her immediate attraction to him catch her off guard. Eliana and Arta’s relationship intensifies very quickly. They have a bit of history, but haven’t spoken since then. However, the brief contact they had clearly left them both wanting more. I must admit I found Arta’s reason for staying away from Eliana unrealistic. Certainly the new found knowledge that he is a lion shape shifter is surprising, but in the world Ms. Buchbinder has created, it certainly isn’t a bad thing. Eliana has come across all sorts of paranormal creatures in her line of work. I truly think she would have understood Arta’s situation had he trusted her with the knowledge. As it is, his hesitation cost him precious time with the woman he loves.
I really liked the sections on King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Those chapters helped fill in Eliana’s history and inherited powers as well as some good detail concerning shape shifters and jinnis. I also recommend reading the introduction. Ms. Buchbinder provides some excellent insight on how she developed the story. While I knew that King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba’s story was going to be bittersweet at best, I truly enjoyed reading about their romance and how it affected Eliana and Arta’s future.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kiss of the Virgin Queen. I relished the opportunity to learn more about Eliana and about the paranormal creatures that inhabit her world. This tale definitely lived up to my expectations. I highly recommend this captivating series to fans of paranormal romance.

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